Payment Pages - General

The General section contains settings that are mandatory to payment page setup. The remaining sections determine things such as appearance, information and receipt handling, etc. but do not need to be filled in immediately for the payment page to be created. 



  1. Payment Page Title: this is the label used for the individual payment page.
  2. "Return to Your Site" URL: after the transaction is completed, the user can be redirected or offered a link to the URL specified here.
  3. Maximum Number of Payment Attempts: this is a security measure aimed at stopping malicious activity. Customers will have this number of tries (1, 2, or 3) to complete their transaction after which they will be blocked for a period of time.
  4. Notification Email: the email address specified in this field will receive copies of the payment confirmation emails sent to each customer (if this feature is enabled) as well as alert messages indicating errors returned from the payment page.


Hit "Next" to proceed to the next step, "Save Changes" to return at a later time or "Cancel" if editing an existing page.



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