Payment Pages - Appearance

Select the preview link to see a preview of the Payment Page, including logos and color choices. If a customized template has been created for your company, it can be selected from the Template drop down menu. 


Language Settings: English and French options are available


Header Logo: merchants can choose to keep the existing logo, do not show any logo, or upload a new logo of their choice.


Color Style Settings: customize the text, background, header text, and header background colours on the payment page. Use the name (i.e. black) or the hex-encoded value (i.e. #000000).


Hit "Next" to proceed to the next step, "Previous" to return to the preceding screen, "Save Changes" to return at a later time or "Cancel" if editing an existing page.




Payment Pages include support for optimal display on mobile devices. It is possible to set up alternate appearance options for mobile devices that do not impact the regular display of a Payment Page in a web browser. As above, the header logo and certain colour options can be set for mobile Payment Pages specifically.



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