CSV Output Format for Search and Reporting

The Search and Reporting functionality in RPM provides the ability for you to download the results of your queries or reports to a CSV format. CSV format files can be imported in Excel for further analysis.

Here's the format for the CSV Output file: (18 field)


Field Index Field Name Field Format
1 Name (Cardholdername) 30 characters maximum
2 Account Name  
3 Ref Num 20 characters maximum
4 Cust.Ref Num (Customer_Ref) 20 characters maximum
5 Card Type  
6 Status  
7 Auth No (Authorization Number) 6 digit maximum
8 Time (Transaction Time) MM/DD/YY HH:MM
9 Merchant Name  
10 Terminal Name  
11 Expiry Date MMYY (no slash)
12 Gateway (Gateway ID) Annnnn-nn (e.g. A12345-01)
13 Merchant Code  
14 Tag


15 Amount

$0.00 format

16 Cardnumber

16 digit card number

17 Code (Transactioncode)

applicable transaction code

18 Reference_3

30 characters maximum

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